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(Collection)Jan. 31, 2019 - Presentation - Blazor and ML.NET

  • mcchu28
This is my presentation at the Edmonton .NET User Group. http://www.edmug.net/

Nov 28, 2018 - Steve Sanderson - Blazor, a New .NET Single Page Application Framework

Watch video:

  • new Single Page Application Framework
  • server: .NET, GO, Java, node.js
  • client: JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue

  • run other languages
  • convert any language to byte code that runs in browser
  • support in modern browsers
  • Web Assembly been out for two years
Blazor advantages.png

Show default Blazor project (using C#)
  • no javascript
  • cshtml - component
  • static markup in HTML, @page (Home page)
  • dynamic markup using Razor syntax, @functions C# code (Counter page)
  • http service dependency injection, @inject (Weather page)

Blazor Components
  • can be nested
  • can have events
  • can pass parameters

Show EPPPlus demo to export data into Excel spreadsheet
  • can use any .NET library/ecosystem

Different type of projects (client vs Full-stack)
  • stand alone client app
  • ASP.NET core hosted (3 projects - Client, Server, Shared), Full-stack; calls server api to fetch weather service
Show how to compile code to Web Assembly
  • emcc compiler
  • generate .wasm (web assembly)
  • generate .js (wrapper)

  • compile mono runtime to .wasm
  • script tag > src="_framework/blazor.webassembly.js"
  • mono.js
  • mono.wasm
  • .NET assemblies / dlls (load into browser)
  • 1.95 MB download
  • performance can be issue for public site; it might be okay for an intranet app
  • blazor - UI stack; work on memory data structure, compare difference and update only elements that is different

  • blazor client side - experimental
  • blazor server side (Razor component) - use web socket connection, 100 KB download, ship in ASP.NET Core 3.0, takes load from client, thin client, fast, run on server, simply architecture; cons: cannot work offline, latency between server and client, using server resources
  • blazor desktop (Electron) - Show Azure Storage Explorer example

Compare hosting models:
Other resources:

Blazor.net website

The following is the Blazor website. 

Getting Started with Blazor

Blazor Flight Finder example


GitHub - ASP.NET - Blazor

Here you can find the latest release and source code for Blazor.

Gitter Community for Blazor

Gitter is like a message board where you can ask questions about Blazor and other people can answer your questions.

Sep. 28, 2018 - Microsoft Ignite - Machine Learning with ML.NET


These are some notes from the talk at Microsoft Ignite.

Machine Learning with ML.NET

Program the unprogrammable

Machine Learning - Programming the UnProgrammable.png(1)

Machine Learning creates a Model using this data

Machine Learning creates a Model using this data.png

Many ML tasks

Many ML Tasks.png

github demo label issue

Pre-built machine learning models (Azure Cognitive Services)

Pre-built machine learning models (Azure Cognitive Services).png
Limitations with pre-built machine learning models

Limitations with pre-built machine learning models.png

Build your own custom machine learning models

Build your own custom machine learning models.png
pre-built vs custom machine learning models

custom machine learning models

ML.NET is a framework for building custom ML Models

ML.NET is a framework for building custom ML Models.png

ML.NET GitHub.png

Machine Learning Samples.png

sentiment analysis - is it A or B problem
sentiment analysis - feature input and label output.png

Machine learning workflow

Machine learning workflow.png

Text Featurizer - text to numeric - ngram extraction

important concepts - data, transformer, estimator, prediction

Transformer - n-gram


Estimator - create Model


Prediction - single input -> single output


demo sentiment analysis binary classification
- code
- metrics
- prediction function

demo github multiclassification

More data you have the better results you may get

iterative machine learning

different pipeline
- different user, repository (data)
- different learner

demo movie recommendations

Collaborative filtering approach
prediction label and scores

Nov. 23, 2018 - Ed Charbeneau - Blazor and ML.NET sample project

Watch video:

Author blog:

Download code:

  • .NET Standard 2.0.3 reference ML.NET 0.7.0
  • 70% training and 30% test data (actual data)

Taxi Fare Sample
  • https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/machine-learning/tutorials/taxi-fare
  • Console app - reference Nuget Microsoft.ML package
  • features and label (i.e. FareAmount)
  • train - read the data, transform the data
  • fast tree - regression learner
  • evaluation metric for regression model - RSquared (closer to 1 the better the model is)
  • evaluation metric for regression model - Rms (the lower it is the better the model)
  • Function input (TaxiTrip) => output TaxiTripFarePrediction
Taxi Service
  • load model into MLContext

Blazor Server side (Razor Component)
  • Blazor Server side is compatible with ML.NET as a dll service.

Blazor client side (web assembly)
  • cannot add ML.NET as a reference
  • challenge on how to read the model file
  • whether blazor will crap out when running the service dll


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