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(Collection)Blazor Issues

  • mcchu28

@inject HttpClient Http does not work on Blazor server application

The following code to  inject http service does not seem to work on a Blazor Server application.

@inject HttpClient Http

Even the default project from Visual Studio does not use HTTP injection. I am not sure if this is a change from the client side blazor, but I presume so.

Instead, they inject a custom service class:

@inject WeatherForecastService ForecastService

protected override async Task OnParametersSetAsync()
        forecasts = await ForecastService.GetForecastAsync(StartDate);

So the default project override the app method as follow.

    public class DefaultWeatherForecastService : WeatherForecastService

        public override Task<WeatherForecast[]> GetForecastAsync(DateTime startDate)

So the above example just call the server code to retrieve data from a file.

An example of calling an API through server code can be found here:
Probably you won't be using custom class IHttpApiClientRequestBuilderFactory but rather the HttpClient class.

[New Update Sep. 14, 2018]
At the bottom of this github issue, you will find Dan Roth's answer that you can add HttpClient to the server project. I will have to try this.

[New Update Sep. 20, 2018]
@robertmclaws The HttpClient uses JS interop to call into the fetch API (BrowserHttpMessageHandler). We don't introduce a new cookie container.

I also found on this thread https://github.com/aspnet/Blazor/issues/1115:
It talks about leverage the API client generation work planned for ASP.NET Core 2.2 to enable strongly typed API calls.

Session state not working on server side Blazor

I am trying to do some oauth claim authorization but realize subsequent request does not have User.Identity.IsAuthenticated set to true. In fact, other properties under ControllerBase.Request, Context, User are all null.

The issue has to do with session not support through signalR on blazor at the moment. It has been deferred till ASP.NET Core 3.


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