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Do you support legalization of recreational marijuana use in Canada?

  • mcchu28
1) Yes (1 vote)
2) No (2 votes)

I don't support the legal use of marijuana for recreational purpose. I am okay with it as a prescription for medical use since that will be under supervision of a doctor.

There is not enough study done on marijuana. Is it addictive? How likely is someone able to quit after prolong use? What is the impact on the brain and physical body after prolong use?

From a society perspective, how will my kids deal with this? How will parents teach them about the use of these drugs? I understand when it comes to parenting, there is no difference in teaching about sex, drugs, smoke, alcohol or gambling. However, I don't feel comfortable at this moment to legalize it. It has a very strong smell. It impacts my leisure of taking walks. Does this have impact on my body if I take in this second hand smoke from others smoking marijuana?


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